Ban Co grotto inside Tang Chon cave

 It is said that a long time ago Ngu Hanh Son, a cluster of mountains, was a beautiful landscape. At that time, there were a few people, just animals, apes, birds being here. It was a fairyland with wild scenery, green and luxuriant trees, fragrant flowers and fruit, sounds of ape’s frolic and bird’s singing.

One day, on a trip around this land by riding on cloud, fairies, suddenly, noticed a holy signal from the mountains and looked at it. Finally, they decided to land at the mountains to enjoy such a stunning beauty with lots of mountains and caves. The more places they visited, the more attraction they had by the magic sights of the place. And then, they found a small grotto, ventilating and connecting outside, to play chess, had a talk and enjoyed the nice scenery.

The beauty of this place made them nostalgic; they went and came back so many times and had countless rounds of chess. One time, they were so engrossed in playing chess and enjoying beautiful scenery, their identities were revealed by locals. Since, the rumor was spread from person to person, people curiously flocked to see them with their naked eyes. However, fairies have their own principles, they don’t want people know their identities as well as their activities, thus, they disappeared. Nowadays, no one can see the fairies with their naked eyes but people still tell of the legend of fairies playing chess in the cave and they named it “Hang Ban Co”- “Ban Co grotto”.

Ban Co, a small grotto, is located inside Tang Chon cave which is behind Linh Ung pagoda in Water Mountain of the cluster of mountains. In fact, when visiting this place we really feel that the grotto is an ideal place for playing chess because it is bright, airy, and cool the whole year around; miraculous but peaceful. On the other hand, there is other anecdote related to a Minh Mang King’s trip to Ngu Hanh Son to pray for his country wealth and prosperity. During that time, he also came and played chess with his Courtiers on his free time in this grotto.

In memory of the legend of fairies, the Management Board of Ngu Hanh Son Tourist Area had carved two statues of fairies playing chess in the grotto.

The two statues were carved delicately by skillful craftsmen at this village. The features on the two statues’ faces are different but, generally, both are the same; meditative and peaceful.

Visitors can play role of fairies playing chess together with the two statues and also have memorable photos in the grotto. Moreover, people can deeply understand the fairy world which the pure spirit inside of us is waiting patiently to be discovered to better ourselves. All things appear from spirit.

Coming Ban Co at Tang Chon cave, travelers will have different experiences of real life and the imagination; both bring us a feeling of happiness and peace.

The Management Board of Ngu Hanh Son Tourist Area