Van Thong Cave

     On the side wall of the mount in Thien Phuoc Dia Cave, travelers will see the small stairs to Van Thong cave after crossing the large flat yard in the middle of the cave.

     Van Thong cave, another familiar name “the way to heaven”, runs deep into the mount and is a circular tunnel slanting upwards to the peak which is 40 meters higher than the cave door. To climb to the top, visitors, just one by one, can hardly pass two small rough, narrow and dark holes and that make them feel miraculous to do so.

     It is worth climbing to the top of the mount because visitors without tiredness will have the great impression that all natural views of the sea and sky are in your eyes and you will enjoy cooling fresh air here.

     There is a big Buddha statue in the center of the cave, behind which is the way to the top, wide at the beginning and narrow towards at the end. To help older people or darkness-scared ones have a chance easily being on the top of the mount, without passing those holes, People’s Committee of Ngu Hanh Son District had the stairs (more than one meter wide) outside the pick built.

                                                               The Management Board of Ngu Hanh Son Tourist Area